Past Litters

Brick x Kiwi (born June 4, 2021)

This cross was one for the ages! There wasn’t a single bad puppy in the bunch. Form and function in every puppy. We produced 1 RBB, 2 RTM, 2 BMM, 1 RMM, 1 BTM, unfortunately we lost the Red Merle Male due to aspirate pneumonia at 2 days old. Cork RTM, resides in Iowa at Blue-9 Headquarters with a life of versatility and fun ahead of him. Axel RTM, resides in Wisconsin on a co-own – he’s focusing on a variety of fun sports! Status RBB and Doctor BMM both reside at Enroute. Kabob BTM is currently at Cherry Hill Training Center focusing on training and finding the perfect home. Koozie BMM is back at Enroute for re-evaluation and placement.

Past Litters

Kettle x Kiwi (09/22/20)

This wonderful cross was co-bred with Riot Australian Shepherds as Kiwi’s first litter. We welcomed 5 beautiful puppies into our house, 1 BTB, 1 BTM, 1 BMM, 1 RTB, 1 RTM. All puppies except our keeper returned to Riot Aussies in Wisconsin for placement.

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