Enroute: “during the course of a journey; on the way”

“A well balanced dog has titles on both ends”

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in the preservation of the Australian Shepherd as a versatile, structurally sound, and moderate American breed. Through specific genetic and health testing, all of our dogs are cleared prior to breeding as well as trained in competitive sports.

As family dogs first, our kennel has a strong focus on junior showmanship in both sports and conformation. Being of sound mind in the home and in the ring is a vital component to our dogs.

As standing true with the Australian Shepherd standard, our dogs will never have size or color as a priority; we believe when a breeder’s focus becomes these traits, you forgo other important aspects of the dog such as health and versatility. Our dogs are ASCA and AKC registered and follow the standards set by these registries. We are active in both the local and National levels of these organizations.