Sports Dogs

We have adopted and added a variety of non-Australian Shepherds to our family that compete in a variety of sports. Meet our team!

LW’s Enroute to Find Foxes “Tally-Ho”

Tally-ho joined our home from Livin’ Wild Performance Dogs. She is a border collie, staffy, whippet mix that excels in Disc Dog and Dock Diving. She is one of the most naturally talented and athletic dogs we have in our home. Personal best is 23’11”.
Qualified 2022 NADD Regionals
DOB: Jan 2019 (Spayed Female)

Enroute’s Hot Foxxxy Mama! “Firefox”

Firefox joined our family through a private rescue. She is a Dutch Shepherd x Border Collie cross from a purposeful breeding in TX. While Firefox is soft and sensitive she is extremely dedicated and incredibly athletic. She has performed and competed all over the midwestern region. From Disc Dog to Dock Diving, Agility to Obedience, Firefox is an all around athlete that comes to win! She has racked up titles and medals including a Championship win for the NADD MidWest Regional Senior Division. A bone cancer diagnosis in March of 2020 took her off the competition field, but with a spectacular medical team behind her, she was able to return to training and competing in a few months. While her cancer is still active, her passion for sports wont be stopped. We will continue to compete and train with Firefox as long as she is having fun and it is safe for her. We are enjoying every day!
Qualified & Won 2020 NADD North Central Regionals Senior Distance
Placed top 10 NADD Nationals 2020
Qualified NADD 2021 Regionals & Nationals
Qualified USDDN Pro 2021 US Nationals
DOB: Aug 2017 (spayed female)

ER’s Light It Up! “Arson”

Arson joined our family when his previous owners could no longer take care of him. An exceptionally skilled border collie, he has performed in front of thousands of children and families at Purina Farms on the Incredible Dog Team. He was a vital member of the Kids 4 Pets program, teaching children how to interact with dogs, and how to throw a frisbee. He competes and trains in disc dog, dock diving, and herding. His love for disc is unparalleled! Primarily competing in games and long distance, he has won the Hero Cup with Sam along with multiple podium finishes. He has qualified for multiple Frisbee Dog World Championships in USDDN, Skyhoundz, and UpDog.
DOB: March 2017 (neutered male)

Enroute’s Stop That Doodling! “Scribble”

Scribble joined our family from a rescue in TN. She was purchased from an “Aussie-doodle” breeder by a family that didn’t realize how energetic doodles can be. While we do not support the use of Australian Shepherds for doodle breeding – this girl found her way into rescue and is a wonderful addition to our home. We doubted her breed mix label as she acts like a poodle, we have run an Embark test and were shocked she came back 50/50 Aussie & Poodle. While her silly personality has put her on the back burner for competing, she enjoys playing disc, dock diving, going on adventures and is a vital member of our bike-joring team.

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